Zöe finds the answers hiding in your data

When data lives in multiple excel files, ad platforms, and SaaS apps, it’s impossible to find the real roots of changing metrics. Zöe saves you money, eliminates countless hours combing through data, and finds insights that you can trust. 

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Natural language

Zoë’s a robot, but she talks like a human and uses the verbiage of your own business.

Follow-up questions

Prod deeper and ask Zoë why metrics are behaving a
certain way.

Slack integration

Ask and answer questions right where the conversation is happening—on Slack, email, and discord.

Instant answers

A quick data pull takes 3 days.
A spreadsheet takes 3 hours. Asking Zoë takes 3 seconds.

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Turn data chaos into actionable insights

Business Intelligence tools have always been built for technical users who understand SQL. Not anymore. The smartest decisions are driven by data, and our intuitive data modeling dashboard empowers everyone to analyze data with confidence.

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Dynamic dashboards

Go beyond static snapshots by slicing, pivoting, and drilling into details anywhere. 

Product analytics

Understand your customer’s entire user journey, eliminate drop offs, and increase conversion.

Escape excel hell 

Automatically calculate metrics that are custom to your business with Zenlytic instead. 

Find hidden drivers

Zenlytic explains why your metrics are changing, so you can grow faster (and smarter).

Let us be your data team with premium support 

Are you starting from scratch?  Our Data-Team-as-a-Service (DTaaS) will not only configure Zenlytic for you—we’ll also set up your new data warehouse and supporting infrastructure.

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We’ll set up your entire data stack and provide ready-to-go support.

Save two hires

Using DTaaS means you can wait until later to hire a data team.

Fast setup

Experience digital transformation in weeks, not months.


Let our experts give you an enterprise-grade stack like that of most Fortune 500 companies.

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Intuitive BI that your team will actually use

BI tools have always been built for technical users, making them inaccessible for the rest of your team. Zenlytic is metrics-native, making it self-service for normal people too. Powerful for them, easy for you. 

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Reduce quick data pulls by 57% 

With fast, configurable follow up questions, say goodbye to pulling lists of emails.

A complete self-serve toolkit

Your end users can ask Zöe in natural language, visualize data, and schedule dashboards.

Slack, email and more 

Talk to Zenlytic in Slack, email, and discord, or explore visuals in the Zenlytic dashboard.

Embedded spreadsheet calculations

Table calculations that are so easy, your team will use them like spreadsheets.

Smarter semantic data modeling

Self-serve fails because the data models haven’t been smart enough yet. Our powerful data model ensures end-users can explore data without having to understand the warehouse. Zenlytic is DRYer, simpler to build, and easier to maintain than LookML.

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Metrics to SQL

Our engine can dynamically join tables, merge results, and unify dates to produce consistent SQL.

DRY and easy to write

Join tables once (no more overlapping ‘Explores’) to reduce bloat and make your data modeling easier.

Built for dbt

Integrate fully with dbt. Don’t use dbt? No problem. Everything works with our built-in data model.

100% consistency

No more reconciling numbers.  Define metrics once and make them available to the whole team.

Enterprise-grade infrastructure

Zenlytic is an enterprise-grade BI tool that supports your entire organization. Here’s what you need to know about our security, speed, and capabilities. 

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Configurable caching reduces warehouse load, saves you money, and runs your queries faster.

Secure and private

Zenlytic runs monolithically behind 256-bit AES encryption and never stores any of your data.

Row- and column-level access permissions 

Easily ensure the right people have the access to the right data.

Inline data model editor

Never leave Zenlytic for the fastest possible build-execute cycle.

The path to better BI

Get a demo

Schedule a free, live demo with our team to see how Zenlytic can transform your data flow.

Define your metrics

Connect Zenlytic to any cloud data warehouse and define your key metrics in your own language.

Analyze your data

Jump right in by asking Zöe a question! Or make and save dashboards with your defined metrics.

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Quick answers for all your BI questions

We don’t just give you the tools—we show you how to use them. Explore our arsenal of tools to make onboarding even easier. 

What professionals are saying...

Joe Anhalt
VP, Marketing & Growth
"Before Zenlytic, we were wasting 20+ hours per week suffering through excel files and reporting we didn’t trust. Now the first thing I do every morning is open slack, check Zenlytic, and get to work."
Minhaaj Rehman
CEO & Chief Data Scientist
"Everyone’s trying to make self-serve BI work, but Zenlytic’s combination of large language models and a powerful semantic layer is the only solution that I believe in. Zenlytic decreases time to insights for business users and saves data teams A LOT of headaches."
Merinne Mesku
Senior Data Analyst
"Since switching from Tableau to Zenlytic, we've seen an 85% reduction in ad hoc data requests from our business stakeholders. That's not only a time save for me, but it also means my business teams are getting MUCH faster time to insights"
Yannis Moati
"I think it's a very powerful tool"
Kari Thorstensen
"Whether it's identifying top performing channels, broken promotions, or underperforming product lines – Zenlytic gives us the insights we need to act."
Kelly Murphy
VP, Direct to Consumer & Amazon
"I think having the Zoe functionality has been really helpful in that I can just type in what I need. I start almost 80% of my quarries with Zoe"

Harness the power of your data

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an OpenAI API key?


What do I need to set it up?

You need to have a data warehouse - we support Snowflake/BigQuery/Redshift

Do I need dbt?

You don’t need it, but dbt partners and Zenlytic works great with dbt!