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Tap into BI that answers your data questions in seconds, eliminating your reliance on a time-strapped analytics team. 

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Designed for data nerds and normal people alike, Zenlytic is the only fully-featured BI tool that combines dashboards, self-serve exploration, and a GPT-powered chatbot.

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Ridiculously Easy

Explore, pivot, and ask your data questions like you’re talking to an analyst.

100% Accurate

Rely on Zenlytic’s data model to consistently (and automatically) calculate your key metrics.

Absurdly Fast

It takes 3 days to ask a data-team, 3 hours to use a spreadsheet, or 3 seconds to ask Zenlytic.

Meet Zoë—
the data analyst that never sleeps

Need to know why your metrics are changing? Ask Zöe—the natural language chatbot that demystifies data in seconds. Paired with our intuitive data modeling dashboard, Zöe makes it easy to make smarter decisions faster.

Hi ! I’m Zoë.

Companies finding
hidden insights

Whether it’s doubling down on channels that are performing, fixing campaigns that are broken or acting on early warning signals to reduce subscription churn rates – Zenlytic gives us the insights we need to grow.

Melissa DiNapoli, Director of Omnichannel

With LOLA’s previous analytics tools, they lacked the ability to see when and where their customer subscriptions were slipping.

Zenlytic Solution

Zenlytic allows LOLA to identify exactly what is causing changes in subscription revenue so they can push innovative new features to combat churn. By using Zenlytic to identify, and act on early warning signs of churn, LOLA has seen higher customer satisfaction and a 10% decrease in their chun rate over the last 12 months.

Before Zenlytic, we were wasting 20+ hours per week suffering through excel files and reporting we didn’t even trust. Now the first thing I do every morning is open slack, check Zenlytic, and get to work.

VP of Marketing

KOIO was manually pulling excel files from a multitude of disparate sources (i.e. Shopify, ad platforms, website, etc) and relying on an expensive third party data consultant to provide analytics and reporting. KOIO’s team couldn’t pull reports or interactively slice their metrics on their own – rendering it impossible to capture important aspects of their business like inventory, specific product sales, acquisition channels and more.

Zenlytic Solution

Zenlytic’s data engineering support team was able to organize KOIO’s data pipelines, upgrade their data stack, and get them running on Zenlytic so that their entire team could understand the full story of their brand’s data.

Without Zenlytic, we never would have spotted these patterns. We have 100 x'ed our ability to understand what’s happening in our business.


For a DTC digital bank, security is paramount. Neo-bank noticed flagged accounts and higher default rates, signaling a possible early attempt to circumvent their fraud protection protocols. They needed to identify high-risk users, quickly and reliably.

Zenlytic Solution

With the help of Zöe, Neo-bank detected common traits among flagged accounts and found bad applicants in their system. In minutes (not weeks), they removed the users and tightened fraud protection.

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