MBODY360 Harnesses Data Insights for Growth with Zenlytic

MBODY360 Harnesses Data Insights for Growth with Zenlytic

January 31, 2024

Background: Before Zenlytic, MBODY360 had no comprehensive business intelligence solution. The use of Tableau proved inconvenient and limited their ability to gain in-depth insights into the drivers behind sales trends.

Challenges: MBODY360 aimed to address the following challenges:

  • Understanding the effectiveness of their platform in generating supplement sales
  • Gaining deep insights into sales drivers behind trends and fluctuations
  • Accessing raw data to obtain a comprehensive understanding of their operations

Previous Methods: The company had previously attempted to use Tableau for data analysis but found it challenging to gain deep insights. Tableau provided basic statistics, but it lacked the ability to drill down into the underlying data and access raw information.

Solutions: The adoption of Zenlytic provided MBODY360 with a comprehensive solution to their challenges. Zenlytic enabled:

  • In-depth understanding of data drivers, empowering insightful analysis
  • Access to detailed data, including practitioner sales and sales orders
  • Flexible querying capabilities, facilitating thorough exploration of data

Benefits: The implementation of Zenlytic yielded significant benefits for MBODY360:

  • Unparalleled insights not offered by other data analytics platforms
  • Enhanced flexibility in querying and exploring data compared to alternatives like Power BI
  • Access to comprehensive data lists, facilitating the creation of detailed reports

Why Zenlytic: MBODY360 chose Zenlytic over other options due to the following reasons:

  • The continuous improvement and expertise provided by Paul and Ryan throughout the journey
  • Zenlytic's unique ability to deliver valuable insights and flexibility in querying and analyzing data

Conclusion: Zenlytic has transformed the way MBODY360 approaches data analytics, offering deep insights, comprehensive data analysis, and flexible querying capabilities. While there may be minor limitations in visual aesthetics, Zenlytic outperforms alternatives like Power BI, empowering MBODY360 to unlock the full potential of their platform. As the company continues to expand under the leadership of its CEO, Zenlytic remains a vital asset in achieving their business objectives and exceeding industry benchmarks. With its ability to provide unparalleled insights and query flexibility, Zenlytic stands as a powerful business intelligence solution in the SaaS space.

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