With a small team and no dedicated data resource internally, the self-service nature of Zenlytic proved invaluable.

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Company Overview

LOLA is a direct-to-consumer (DTC) business specializing in physical goods and subscription-based products. With a team of nine full-time employees, LOLA focuses onproviding high-quality products and exceptional customer support to its loyal customerbase. As the VP of Direct-to-Consumer and Amazon, the responsibility of overseeingcritical business channels falls on the shoulders of the interviewee, striving to drivegrowth and optimize business operations.


In their pursuit of data-driven decision-making, LOLA recognized the need for a selfservice business intelligence tool that could deliver comprehensive performancereporting and assist in diagnosing and investigating challenges. Enter Zenlytic, arelatively new player in the market, offering a robust solution equipped with advancedfeatures, including the innovative Zoe functionality


Before joining LOLA, the interviewee had experience using other business intelligenceplatforms such as Heap, Looker, and Google Analytics. However, upon starting theirrole at LOLA, Zenlytic was already in place, prompting them to explore its capabilitiesfurther. Initially skeptical, they were inclined to opt for more familiar and robust solutions.Nevertheless, with limited internal resources and the potential for Zenlytic to meet theirrequirements, they decided to give it a chance.


LOLA faced several key challenges that Zenlytic aimed to address. Firstly, they neededa comprehensive performance overview to evaluate the success of new productlaunches, including the migration of existing subscribers to new offerings. Additionally,understanding the differences between one-time purchasers and subscribers wascrucial. Secondly, diagnosing and investigating issues, such as a shortfall in subscription revenue, required access to real-time data and insights. These challengesnecessitated a powerful and intuitive business intelligence tool.

Previous Methods

Before adopting Zenlytic, the interviewee did not have direct experience with any otherplatforms at LOLA. However, in their previous roles, they had used tools like Heap,Looker, and Google Analytics for similar purposes. These platforms provided some levelof functionality but lacked the unique features and level of service that Zenlytic offered.


Zenlytic's comprehensive suite of features and its Zoe functionality became the primarysolution for LOLA's business intelligence needs. The interviewee appreciated Zenlytic'sability to generate in-depth reports, track performance, and offer holistic insights into thebusiness. With a small team and no dedicated data resource internally, the self-servicenature of Zenlytic proved invaluable. Additionally, the prompt support and hands-onassistance provided by Paul, their Zenlytic representative, set the platform apart fromcompetitors.


The integration of Zenlytic brought numerous benefits to LOLA's operations. The Zoefunctionality, unique to Zenlytic, allowed for quick and intuitive querying, enabling theinterviewee to swiftly obtain the required data and insights. This feature alleviated thelearning curve typically associated with new platforms. The ability to generatecomprehensive performance reports for product launches empowered the team to makedata-driven decisions and pivot their strategies effectively. Furthermore, Zenlytic'scontribution to diagnosing revenue shortfalls and understanding subscriber churndirectionally guided higher-level business actions.

Why Zenlytic

LOLA's choice to rely on Zenlytic can be attributed to two significant factors. Firstly, theZoe functionality offered a unique and intuitive querying experience that exceeded theirprevious toolset. This feature streamlined their data exploration and reportingprocesses, ensuring efficient use of time and resources. Secondly, the exceptional levelof support provided by Paul and the Zenlytic team demonstrated a commitment to theircustomers' success, providing a level of service unmatched by competitors.


Zenlytic has proven to be an invaluable asset for LOLA, empowering their businessintelligence journey. With a small team and a focus on DTC.


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What does implementation look like?

First you connect Zenlytic to your warehouse. Then you build out your semantic layer — which involves defining your business metrics, table joins, RBAC, etc. Then you are ready to go! We have AI tooling that significantly accelerates the process of defining your metrics. It could take a couple hours to a couple weeks.

Do I need an OpenAI API key?


What do I need to set it up?

You need to have a data warehouse - we support Snowflake/BigQuery/Redshift

Do I need dbt?

You don’t need it, but dbt partners and Zenlytic works great with dbt!

How do you ensure the LLMs don’t hallucinate and give inaccurate data?

LLMs are going to change the way we consume data but they also have a tendency to make inaccurate inferences. To counter this, we use a semantic layer for precision. The LLM translates a natural language question into a format that is understood by the semantic layer, and the semantic layer generates a SQL query that returns data.

Is Zenlytic just an AI powered chatbot?

No. Zenlytic is a fully featured business intelligence tool with robust dashboards, scheduled reports, RBAC, Visual Exploration and much more!

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