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Zenlytic combines the power of large language models and a semantic layer, to ensure your data is 100% accurate, every single time.
Watch our AI build a dashboard automatically in seconds
Reduce 85% of your ad hoc data requests in minutes with Zenlytic
Reduce 85% of your ad hoc data requests in minutes with Zenlytic
Your legacy BI tool was built for analysts, So when their dashboards fall short, your business teams email you.
These questions pile up and they take time to answer. So your data team ends up wasting 75% of and your business team waits days for insights their answering ad hoc questions. and your business team waits days for insights their answering ad hoc questions that are irrelevant by the time they arrive.
Analysts decreasing time to insights from days to seconds
Save hours by building automatic dashboards with Zoe
Analysts reduces ad hoc data requests by 80-90%
Get 100% accurate data through the use of the semantic layer
Kelly Murphy
VP, Direct to Consumer & Amazon @LOLA
"I think having that Zoe functionality has been really helpful in that I can just type in what I need without helps bridge some of that learning curve. I start almost 80% of my queries with Zoe."
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Features of zenlytic
Integrates with all data warehouses
Our LLM Zoe is always available, 24/7, for your data needs
Builds out dashboards automatically
Fast Setup
Product Analytics
Escape excel hell
Metrics to SQL
Built for dbt
Secure and private
Case Studies from our successful clients
Saved 20 hours weekly on reports
“It's just so nice to login any time of day and have up to day accurate data. It's been a fun surprise for me just to have a better view into how our product has been selling. And like, men, women, by style, by size, by specific product, that's been a nice unlock for us through Zenlytic.”
Joe Anhalt
(VP of Marketing and Growth - KOIO)
The Challenge
The challenges faced by KOIO were related to creating a reliable source of truth, ensuring data accuracy and confidence, compiling core data, and establishing the highest level of confidence in the data. They needed a solution that could simplify the process, making it faster and more efficient.
The Solution
Zenlytic provided easy access to data with a single click, making it easier to filter and build dashboards. The continuous improvements to the product made it easier to filter and build dashboards, allowing faster iterations and improvements happening in real-time. With Zenlytic, there was no need to build dashboards anymore, as all data was readily available.
80% of LOLA's data questions start with Zoe
“Zenlytic gives us the information that we need to then go out and make changes across the board. It gives us the big holistic business picture.”
Kelly Murphy
(VP of Direct to Consumer and Amazon - LOLA)
The Challenge
LOLA faced several key challenges that Zenlytic aimed to address. Firstly, they needed a comprehensive performance overview to evaluate the success of new product launches, including the migration of existing subscribers to new offerings. Additionally, understanding the differences between one-time purchasers and subscribers was crucial. Secondly, diagnosing and investigating issues, such as a shortfall in subscription revenue, required access to real-time data and insights.
The Solution
Zenlytic's comprehensive suite of features and its Zoe functionality became the primary solution for LOLA's business intelligence needs. The interviewee appreciated Zenlytic's ability to generate in-depth reports, track performance, and offer holistic insights into the business. With a small team and no dedicated data resource internally, the self-service nature of Zenlytic proved invaluable.


What does implementation look like?

First you connect Zenlytic to your warehouse. Then you build out your semantic layer — which involves defining your business metrics, table joins, RBAC, etc. Then you are ready to go! We have AI tooling that significantly accelerates the process of defining your metrics. It could take a couple hours to a couple weeks.

Do I need an OpenAI API key?


What do I need to set it up?

You need to have a data warehouse - we support Snowflake/BigQuery/Redshift

Do I need dbt?

You don’t need it, but dbt partners and Zenlytic works great with dbt!

How do you ensure the LLMs don’t hallucinate and give inaccurate data?

LLMs are going to change the way we consume data but they also have a tendency to make inaccurate inferences. To counter this, we use a semantic layer for precision. The LLM translates a natural language question into a format that is understood by the semantic layer, and the semantic layer generates a SQL query that returns data.

Is Zenlytic just an AI powered chatbot?

No. Zenlytic is a fully featured business intelligence tool with robust dashboards, scheduled reports, RBAC, Visual Exploration and much more!

simplify data insights